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Can i wash my viginal inside


Most often, there is no need to wash inside your vagina because the vagina is a self cleaning part of your body. All women will have some vaginal fluids which are called normal vaginal discharge. This fluid is the body’s way of keeping a healthy balance in the vagina. Soaps and douching can upset this balance and even create problems.

Normal vaginal fluids can be clear, white, yellowish, thin and stretchy or thick. They tend to change over a menstrual cycle and at different times in your life. There may be an increase at puberty, during sex or when you are ovulating (releasing an egg from the ovary). There is usually less fluid after menopause or right before or after your menstrual period.

STIs can sometimes create changes in the vaginal fluid such as itchiness, odor or a change in colour or amount. If you notice a change from what is normal for you, then it is a good idea to get checked out. Click here for more information about  symptoms of STIs.

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