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How safe is oral sex in regard to HIV?


We don’t see people getting HIV when receiving oral sex.

When giving oral sex there is a chance that HIV could pass but it is not common for this to happen. The chance is much lower when compared with unprotected anal or vaginal sex.

People can reduce the chance of getting HIV when giving oral sex by reducing the amount of semen or vaginal fluid they come in contact with. Making sure they don’t brush or floss their teeth before giving oral sex. Or using a barrier like a condom or a dental dam. 

There are some STI (sexually transmitted infections) that can be easily passed with oral sex. Have a look at our “Know your chances” web page, it provides information on your chances of getting or passing an STI depending on how you are having sex.

It is also common that many STI do not show symptoms, given this we recommend that people go for STI testing. How often you get STI testing really depends on your personal situation. Have a look at our page on when to test.

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