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how to prevent thrush tongue naturally

Hi there,

Thrush is another word for a yeast infection in the mouth. Although it is called a “yeast infection”, it is really just an overgrowth of yeast that is naturally present in the body.  

We do not consider thrush to be a sexually transmitted infection. Thrush is very common in babies but can happen to adults, too. Thrush can be a side effect of some medications (like corticosteroids or antibiotics).Thrush is more likely when people have another health condition like HIV or diabetes. It is usually treated with a prescription antifungal mouthwash. 

Some tips to prevent thrush naturally are to:

Avoid unnecessary use of antibiotics.
Control diabetes.
Have a diet low in sugar content.
Practice good oral hygiene and use a new toothbrush.

Salt-water mouth rinses can also help with the discomfort caused by thrush.

You can find more information about thrush at Healthlink BC.

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