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In the years since SmartSexResource launched, we have developed a library of questions asked by you, and answered by our expert sexual health nurses.

Our answered questions library cover a broad range of sexual health topics and common questions we hear at our clinics.

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I just had some dental work and then gave a guy a blow job. I never use condoms for blowjobs. But now I am worried because my gums are bleeding a bit.


The risk for getting or passing HIV when you give a blow job is very low, but there are some things that could increase the chances. These include bleeding gums,sores in your mouth or a sore throat.

It is hard to say whether getting dental work would increase the risk for HIV. It may depend on the health of your gums, the kind of dental work you had and the amount of time between seeing the dentist and the blow job.

There is a higher chances of getting or passing other STIs with blow jobs including gonorrhea, chlamydia or syphilis. Herpes and HPV can also be passed from mouth to genitals and vice versa.

If you are getting or giving blow jobs, it is a good idea to get routine testing. Often STIs have no noticeable symptoms and the only way you know you have one is to get tested.

Check out our clinic finder, if you need a place for regular testing.

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Is it possible to get HIV from a sex toy?


Yes, it is possible to get HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) from a sex toy if it is shared between people and a condom is not used, or if it is shared before it is properly cleaned. 

For there to be a risk, the toy would need to come in contact with vaginal fluid, pre cum, semen, blood or rectal mucous.

Once outside the body HIV does not survive for long. There is a higher chance of passing HIV or other STIs when sex toys are passed directly between people.

Click here for more information on the care and cleaning of sex toys.

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