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Smell of ammonia from my discharge, why? and can it be fixed?


It sounds like your discharge odor has changed.

It’s difficult to say what has caused this without more information. There are many different things that can cause a change in discharge odor. It’s possible a sexually transmitted infection (STI) could be causing the change or it might be something like bacterial vaginosis (BV). BV is very common and the most common cause of changes in discharge odor we see at the clinic. Have a look at our web page on BV for more information. It can be treated with medication.

I would recommend coming into one of our clinics or any doctor’s office for a check up. A change in vaginal odor or discharge is a very common reason why woman come to our clinic. We would just ask you some questions to give us an idea of what could be causing the problem and take some samples from the vagina to send to the lab. Don’t worry all your information is confidential. We also have some women who prefer not to do the physical exam and do the vaginal swabs themselves in the bathroom.

Provincial STI clinic.

Let us know if you need assistance finding a clinic on your area or you could also have a look at our clinic finder.

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