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What couses the smell in the urine


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Urine is a mix of water and waste products from the body. It’s usually the waste products in the urine that create the smell. The smell most often associated with urine is ammonia.

Changes to urine smell:

There are some normal things that can affect the small of the urine – for example, if a person is dehydrated (low in water) then their urine will be more concentrated and smell stronger. Also certain foods (such as asparagus) can change the smell of the urine.

Some changes to the urine smell can indicate that there is an infection or other health issue – for example, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, fistulas between the bowels and bladder, and/or metabolic diseases like diabetes.

If you are aware of a change in the smell of your urine we would recommend consulting a healthcare professional. Changes in urine smell caused by infection or disease can become dangerous if not treated or monitored properly.

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