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3 days ago I had an "erotic massage" where I was masturbated by a prostitute in Amsterdam, and in which she put a condom on me with her mouth. I actually asked her not to do this, but she said she was clean and did it anyway. It looked like she put the tip of the condom in her mouth and then bent down to me, and then rolled it onto my penis with her mouth (if that makes sense). I'm very worried that in this process she contacted the inside of the condom with her mouth and left saliva, or contacted my penis with her mouth. My concerns are: 1) What are the chances that I have picked up genital herpes from her putting the condom on with her mouth? 2) I am currently not displaying any symptoms of herpes. If I do not exhibit any symptoms in the next 2 weeks, am I okay? 3) She let me suck her nipples, but I don't know if there were any secretions/lactation. What are my risks of HIV from this? 4) He vagina was on my thigh for the duration of the massage - is this a herpes risk? Thanks very much


It is possible that some STI can pass when receiving oral sex. Have a look at our “Know your chances” web page, it provides information on your chances of getting an STI from receiving oral sex.

Given that your exposure to her mouth was limited (it sounds like the condom was on for the majority of the time for oral sex) your chance of having something pass would be lower. It’s difficult to know the exact risk as it really depends if they had an STI in their mouth.

The risk of getting genital herpes from oral sex, which is mainly caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV) type 1, also depends on your personal situation. If you already have cold sores (HSV-1 on the mouth) it is difficult to get the same type of HSV in a different part of the body. This means if you have cold sores it is much harder for someone to pass HSV-1 to your genitals.

If someone gets a new HSV infection symptoms usually show up between 2-21 days with an average of 6 days. The only problem is many people can get HSV and not show any symptoms. Have a look at our HSV page for more information.

There would be no HIV risk when sucking the breast.

It could be possible if the person had genital herpes and was rubbing against your thigh that it could pass to you but I think the risk would be low as the skin on the thigh is thick and the herpes virus would have a tough time getting through this layer of skin.

If you wanted to be on the safe side you could always go for an STI test for peace of mind. Most gonorrhea and chlamydia would show up in a urine test by 2 weeks and most syphilis would show up in a blood test by 6 weeks. As you are concerned about HSV you could also talk to the health professional you see about this and they would be able to give you additional information based on your personal situation.

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This answer was posted on February 26, 2015

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