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About 7 weeks ago I had a risky encounter with a sex worker which included unprotected oral sex and oral-anal contact. That night I got a bad ulceration on my tongue. The following day the ulceration had gone down but there was an extremely unpleasant copper/ metallic taste in my mouth. I went to a general clinic (without mentioning the encounter) and was told I probably have a viral infection and to simply wait it out. The symptoms persisted on and off for a few weeks, everything would seem fine but then randomly I would suddenly have this extreme metallic taste in my mouth and my tongue would have a paler/ yellowish tinge to it. I went to the clinic again and was given a one week course of amoxicillin which I finished two weeks ago, but the symptoms are still resurfacing once a week or so regardless. There doest seem to be any other symptoms other than the taste and colour of my tongue`. There are no bumps or sores in my mouth but I am worried that this could be herpes or a more serious infection. Are these symptoms commonly associated with an STI? What do you recommend I do? I have since been tested (allowing for window time since the encounter) for gonorrhea/ chlamydia/ syphilis/ HIV and hepatitis and tested negative for all. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi there

There are some medical conditions and medications that can give you a metallic taste in your mouth. However, having a metallic taste in your mouth, and changes in the colour of your tongue, are not common symptoms of  herpes or any other STI..

It was a good idea to get checked for STIs, since you noticed the symptoms shortly after a sexual contact. Given that all the tests were negative, the next step would be to see a doctor.

The doctor can do a complete history and figure out what may be causing your symptoms.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on May 9, 2013

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