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Can I get an abortion without my parents knowing? I am 15 years old


In BC Canada children (the law has defined “children” as anyone under the age of 19) can consent to their own medical care if they are capable of doing this. Being capable means that the person understands what the treatment involves and the benefits/risks of getting or not getting the treatment.

If someone is able to consent to their own medical treatment their medical information has to be kept confidential by the health care provider who is providing their care. This means the health care provider cannot provide this information to another person without your permission. In some cases the health care provider is allowed to break this privacy for example if the person is being abused, they are concerned they may harm themselves etc...

I would recommend calling one of the information lines that assist woman with getting abortions. They are confidential and would be able to discuss your personal situation and help arrange the type of medical care you are looking for.

In BC Canada I would suggest calling the options for sexual health line (1-800-739-7367 or 604-731-7803) or the Pregnancy Options Service (1-888-875-3163) to discuss your situation.

Also have a look at the options for sexual health abortion provider’s website. They list providers in BC with links to their website for additional information.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on June 9, 2016

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