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Can you have sex with a condom within the 7 days u were given to get treated with the chlamydia pills


To be on the safe side we recommend that you do not have sex until:
- one week after your 1-day treatment; or
- your 7-day treatment is complete, and
- your sex partner(s) have also been treated, even if their test results are negative.

Chlamydia is passed between people through unprotected oral, anal or vaginal sex. The bacteria can be found in semen, vaginal fluids, and rectal fluids. 

Condoms work well at preventing chlamydia, but if condoms are not used correctly for example having some genital to genital contact before putting the condom on or if someone had oral sex without a condom, it could be possible to pass chlamydia to someone else or get it back from an untreated partner. Chlamydia usually does not show any symptoms so it can be difficult to know if you have it back again unless you do another test.

If you did have sex with a condom during the 7 day period it would be best to talk about your personal situation with the person who did the test for you. In some situations they will recommend that you and your partner(s) get re-treated or they may suggest that you come back for a follow up test in 4weeks.

Have a look at our web page on chlamydia for additional information.

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Health Nurse

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asmile12345 says:

My husband and I had sex 2 weeks after my treatment and 8 days after his treatment. I have a doctor's appointment in a week and he is scheduling his for this week. Everything I read said it was okay for us to have sex. It was hard for us to wait any longer it have been about 30 days for us and we usually have sex everyday or every few days. I woke up with a little sore in my mouth (however it could be from stress) but I am just concerned. Do you think we are negative for chlamydia. I have been reading stories were the antibiotic we took doesn't work. (We took azithromycin.)

Health Nurse says:

Azithromycin 1000mg ( 4 red pills) is one of the recommended treatments for chlamydia. Waiting 7 days after the treatment before having sex is so the chlamydia completely clears and you have both waited longer than that. You would both be considered to be clear of chlamydia. If there are any other partners, then it is best if they also are treated before having sex with them again. Advice around retesting is that it is not done until at least 3 -4 weeks after treatment as before that time, the sensitive test can pick up the dead chlamydia cells and come back as a false positive. Hope this helps. Health Nurse

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