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Dear doctors, I engaged in deep kissing many times ( 5-6 times ) with a 30 year old man whom I don't know his hiv status. and I received cunnilingus ( 1 time) . I don't remember if I had / he had any blood in my mouth/ his mouth during these exposures . I have tested negative after 86 days ( hiv1 and hiv2 and p24 ; elfa vidas technique ) , 126 days ( hiv1 and hiv2 with chimiluminescence with cobas e411) and 133 days ( hiv1 and hiv2 and p24 with electro-chimiluminescence immuno essay roche ) . is there a chance of a human error while performing the tests ?? i live in North Africa and I don't know if the tests are as accurate as in developed countries . I am very anxious about this situation because I don't know if these tests are reliable . Do I need to test again after 6 months ? thank you very much for your help . it's greatly appreciated.


I would not be concerned about HIV, we do not see HIV being passed with kissing or if someone is performing oral sex on you. HIV does not survive well when it is in saliva.

I am unsure of the tests that are used in North Africa when compared to the HIV tests that we use in Canada, but the test you had at 133 days which looked for HIV 1&2 antibodies as well as the P24 antigen, is what we currently test for with our 4th generation HIV tests and we find that the end of the window period for this test is 3 months.

Given your contact was from saliva and that you had a test at 133 days that looked for the antibodies as well as the P24 antigen I would say that you can be confident that HIV did not pass to you and there is no need for any further testing.

Let us know if you have any more questions or concerns

Health Nurse

This answer was posted on January 25, 2018
This answer was updated on December 28, 2018
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