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dear experts, can I become HIV if my hiv positive gf sucked my scrotum and give me hand job.while giving hand job she touched to her vagina and right after she caught my penis and give me hand job.now pls confirm that this kind of sexual activity can transmit in me HIV virus Awaiting your reply. Syed


HIV is not in saliva and it does not pass through intact skins so it is not passed with ball sucking or hand jobs.

You might want ot check out our charts called "Know Your Chances". They have a lot of information about your chances of getting HIV or a STI with different ways of having sex.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on February 11, 2014

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Syed says:

Thanks for the information.
I would like to ask u that while she was giving me hand job she touched her vagina to check either menstrual blood coming or not.But when she checked blood was not there but her fingers are wet.right after with same hand she started to give me hand job.now I m worried may be her fingers were wet and due to this her vaginal secretion can enter into my urethra (peer hole).that's why I m really worried.can this incident can transmit HIV in me.pls reply.


Health Nurse says:

It is theoretically possible to get HIV that way, but it is not the way we are seeing HIV be passed.In order to get HIV with this kind of contact, there are a few conditions that would have to be present. She would have to have HIV, and probably a high viral load. There would have to be enough vaginal fluid on her hands and she would have to touch your urethra soon after touching herself, because HIV doesn't live long outside the body.

The main way that people get or pass HIV is through unprotected anal and vaginal intercourse.

I know you are very worried about HIV. Do you have a healthcare provider or counsellor you can talk to? If you live in BC, you can also go to an STI clinic to talk to a nurse or doctor. To find a find a clinic in BC, check out our clinic finder.

Health Nurse

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