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dear sir i had another question that i would like to know and i'm still worry about it . my doctor told me that hiv need to directly contact with bloodstream . i would like to know are bloodstream and veins the same ? can you explain me what is bloodstream and what is veins ? thank you .

Your Bloodstream is what supplies all the different parts of your body with blood. It is made up of different parts and veins are one of these parts. Your heart is also part of your bloodstream and pumps blood out through tiny tubes called arteries to the different areas of your body. Once the blood has reached these areas then it is returned to the heart through other tiny tubes called veins.

HIV needs to get into certain blood cells that are in our bloodstream to make more copies of itself. If it is able to do this then an HIV infection has happened.  So if HIV does not get into the bloodstream, it cannot get into these blood cells and so it cannot cause an infection.

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This answer was posted on June 23, 2014

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