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dear sir . i had car accident 2 month a go . i was driving car and the guy ride motorcycle on the opposite side and accident happen . he splash from motorcycle to my car and car glass broke . his blood splash on me . i saw a lot of blood on my hand and some on face . not sure about eye . i didn't wash it immidiately and until 15 minute later then i washed it . i would like to know am i risk hiv ? thank you .

Hi there,

This sounds like a very shocking accident. I'm sorry this happened to you, and I hope everyone involved is alright now. 

There is a small possibility that you could have been at risk for HIV from this accident, but it is not very likely. Although a direct blood splash to your eye is a possible way to get HIV, it is quite rare that people get HIV this way in real life. I can't tell from your question if you also got cuts in the accident. If the motorcyclist had HIV, and his blood got directly into a cut in your body, then you could be at risk for HIV. 

If you are quite worried about this, you could get an HIV test now, as after 2 months, HIV would be quite likely to show up on an HIV antibody test. You could get a test at 3 months after the accident to be absolutely sure. If that test is negative, you don't need to worry about HIV from this incident anymore.

I want to stress that it is very unlikely you could get HIV this way. First, the motorcyclist would have to be HIV-positive to give you HIV. Second, HIV dies within seconds after leaving the body, so it would really have to have gotten into your bloodstream very very fast in order to be transmitted.

Let us know if that answers your question,

Health Nurse

This answer was posted on June 6, 2014

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njohn says:

thank for answer .

after accident i check both my hand and face . there was no cut or wound . after 9 hours i saw one small cut on my finger but it was not bleeding and another small cut on my hand and it also not bleeding .

i would like to know how long does blood hiv live outside of body ? i didn't wash the blood immidiatly . 15 minute later the blood almost dry then i washed it .

thank you .

Health Nurse says:

HIV lives outside the body for less than a minute - it needs to get directly into your bloodstream to infect you. I do not think you need to worry about HIV from this incident.

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