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dear sir i used to ask about blood splash on me before . i still worry about it and i really need your advise . other person blood splash on my hand and some on face during car accident . there was 2 small cut but not bleeding . it cut during accident . 1 . i would like to know is this low risk or high risk ? 2 . should i keep worry and do the test or just forget it ? thank you .

Hi there,

1. A blood splash on your skin is a low risk for HIV, since HIV dies very quickly when it leaves the human body. It's hard to say there is no risk since you did have some cuts on your hands, but definately low risk.

2. You should not worry, but you might as well get a test at 6 weeks - 3 months after the accident and know for sure. We advise anyone who is sexually active to get an HIV test, so just consider this a reminder to get your routine HIV and STI testing done.

This answer was posted on June 16, 2014

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