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Dear Sir/Madam, I am a seaman from India.This is in continuation with my earlier post.I have had NO sexual contact or kissing.I was a bit drunk as I had 4to 5 beers in 2 bars in Bremerhaven in Germany.It of course is a red light area. The only physical contact I had was holding hands of a women around 40 yrs of age who was talking to me.As it was dark in the bar I could not see the condition of her hands from inside.I felt she was rubbing my hand while talking to me.I did not notice any blood on my hand.Maybe I never felt a prick as it was quite cold.My only concern is whether or not I have been pricked or injected with hiv blood/vaginal fluids.I went back to my ship and slept as I did not feel anything as I was a bit drunk.I have all the symptoms of HIV.Sore throat,dry mouth,ulcers in mouth and throat,neck strain.As I was worried I did tests in India at 76 days and 78 days.All of the labs in India call them Elisa and none of the technicians are aware of any generation.Its just Hiv1and Hiv2 Elisa test.I am even scared to take a test now and I am all over the net.May be I shall be the first person to contract Hiv without sexual contact and outside labarotory conditions.Pls help as to whether I can test positive after 2 negative tests at 11 weeks.No one will ever believe me that I never had sex and it's a story I am cooking up.I am absolutely shattered.Pls help.also whether my wife has passed the disease to my children by cooking and serving food to them.She has been giving medicines to my children and massaging their heads with oil.Plzzzzz help.


HIV does not pass by holding hands or by a person cooking or serving your food. The best way HIV is passed is by unprotected vaginal and anal sex or by sharing needles when injecting drugs.

There are no symptoms that are caused by just having HIV. The symptoms people get with a HIV seroconversion illness are common symptoms that can be caused by many different conditions, for example the common cold. Just treat the symptoms as a reminder you are concerned about what happened and it would be good to go for a HIV test.

With what you have described you have no reason to be concerned about HIV. First you did nothing that could transmit the virus and you had a negative HIV test at 11 weeks.

I have noticed that feelings of guilt can make people think the worse. I wonder if you are concerned that you were in a red light district or holding another woman’s hand.

Sometimes it can be difficult when you are in this situation. Your mind says that everything is ok but your emotions give you the feeling of worry.

Sometimes working on the emotion rather than thinking about it can help. Whenever you feel worried just remember it is about the emotion and focus on the information your negative HIV test has given you that you have nothing to worry about.

It may be helpful to find techniques which help you control your emotion for example deep breathing.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on April 10, 2014

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