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Do all clinics in Vancouver use same rapid test or are there different manufacturers. I just went to a clinic for a rapid test. The nurse had already opened the kit, and she only opened the membrane in front of me. Everything was on the table. Could they reuse lancets, or is it manufactured for once only? I am really scared. Should I test again because of this incident?


The INSTI test, made by Biolytical Laboratory, is the only Point of Care (rapid) test that is licensed for use in healthcare settings in Canada. That means the clinics in Vancouver are using the same rapid test.

Most clinics receive their supplies in bulk boxes.  With bulk supplies, the test is not packaged as a single kit, but comes with the test parts in a larger box. We select what we need from the larger box.

Lancets are single use. Because of their design, it is not possible to use them more than once.

What you describe sounds normal for rapid testing, so if those were your concerns, I see no need for you to repeat the test.

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This answer was posted on November 19, 2012

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