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Do we get HIV or any STDs by taking a nude lap dance with full friction? If in case the dancer has any STDs and doing a nude lap dance with full friction and at the same time if a person taking dance came out with Semen and come in contact with the dancer private part, by this situation do you get Hiv or any STDs. And also do we get Hiv or any STDs by pressing the dance boobs, boobs contact to eyes/nose/mouth, hugging tight and pressing the butt? Please clarify. Thanks in advance!

Hi there,

It's possible you could get Sexually Transmitted Infections like herpes, syphilis or genital warts from a nude lap dance with "full friction". These STIs are passed by skin-to-skin contact between people's genitals (private parts), so if your genitals were rubbing against the dancers' it might pass these kind of infections. HIV is not passed through skin-to-skin contact and lap dances do not transmit HIV. You are probably not at risk for gonorrhea or chlamydia from a lap dance.

It is not a risk to you if you ejaculate (come out with semen) during a lap dance. (It could be a risk for the dancer.)

We do not think you can get STIs through hugging, touching breasts with your hands, eyes, nose or mouth, or touching a dancer's bum.

Hope that helps answer your questions,

Health Nurse



This answer was posted on August 20, 2014

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