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Does receiving oral sex from a female will transmit HIV to the receiver? What if the female is a smoker prostitute? Does in increases the risk and chances of getting HIV from receiving oral sex?

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HIV is not passed (or only in theory) to the person receiving oral sex. The chances of getting HIV in this way do not change if the person giving oral sex is a smoker or a sex worker.

Other STIs are easily passed through oral sex including syphilis, gonorrhea and Chlamydia. For that reason, we recommend routine screening if you are sexually active and you or your partners have more than one partner.

Check out our charts called "Know My Chances" for more information on ways that STIs are passed.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on September 30, 2013

Community comments

jake says:

Yes, you can get it that way. Sex workers don't always have perfect dental care. It is common for them to have bleeding gums. One little scratch or nick from her teeth and you can have it. This does happen. The risk is not zero. If you keep doing it it can happen to you. Do not do oral sex with strangers or people that don't know their HIV status, but if you do have some barrier protection.

Health Nurse says:

In theory it is always possible to think of circumstances that may cause HIV to pass but in our practice we don’t see HIV being passed when receiving oral sex. Does this mean the risk is zero or very close to zero? Sometimes this is difficult to know. If this does concern you it is possible to wear a condom while receiving oral sex to remove any possible small theoretical risk. As discussed above other STI can be passed when receiving oral sex.

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