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Good day, please can you assist me with the following. 24 Feb I visited a massage parlor that offers a happy ending at the end of the massage. I was drunk to be honest and kept flirting with the lady. She performed a body to body massage and I fingered her a bit and about 3 times when she slide down on me I penetrated her. I would honestly say exposure of me in her to be 15 seconds at most combined. I visited my Doctor and started PEP tribuss 36 hours later. 48 hours later I contacted the parlor owner and asked if I could buy a HIV testing kit to test the lady for peace of mind which the owner was kind enough to agree to. I tested the lady using a HIV testing kit I purchased from the pharmacy (finger prick blood sample) and she was Negative. I advised my doctor and he said to continue PEP as there is still a window period (maybe for her?). Please can you advise your thoughts as I would highly appreciate it. Thanks


It makes sense with what your doctor is advising. The window period for most finger prick HIV tests is usually 3 months. Its great that the person had a negative result but I can see why your doctor wants to be cautious for a couple of reasons.

The first one is that the window period is 3 months for this type of test which means the person could have had HIV recently passed to them and the test could be negative. This would be called an acute HIV infection and is probably the easiest time to pass HIV to another person because the HIV levels in the body are so high. Odds are she is probably HIV negative but I can see why your doctor would want to take the worst-case scenario for your care.

If you wanted to stop taking PEP you could always talk to your doctor or the person about doing a HIV PCR/NAAT test that actually looks for the virus in the blood.

The other reason your doctor probably wanted you to start PEP is in terms of the person’s risk profile. This person is working in sex work and having unprotected vaginal sex with clients.

It sounds like you are receiving good care from your doctor and I would follow their suggestions on what to do in regard to this concern.

Let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.


This answer was posted on March 22, 2018

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Abel says:

Thank you for your response. I believe that my doctor has my best interest at heart. I did a rapid test at 25 days post exposure and 24 days on pep and it was negative. Do you think it is a good sign? Also how long after PEP should I test?

Health Nurse says:


On our current PEP guidelines, we are recommending that people get a HIV 4th gen test (Antigen/antibody) at 3 and 6 weeks after the end of PEP and then a final test at 3 months after PEP. Taking PEP can delay HIV seroconversion so they do the window period from when the PEP ends.

I don’t believe the rapid test done at 25 days after exposure would tell you much since it is an antibody only test and that you were on PEP during this time. But the odds are certainly in your favour given that you started PEP so soon and that the person’s HIV rapid test was negative.

Health Nurse

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