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Had condom protected sex with sex worker. found small abrasion in pubic region, put had on penis with condom on it, got vaginal fluids on hand, then took condom off and worried i got fluids on penis head or foreskin. 3 days later, penile ulcer for 1 week and painful urination for 1 pee. 17 days after, fever, sore throat, heavy duty malaise for about 5 days. then flat rash on tummy arms chest back, swollen lymph nodes in neck, groin, armpit pain. yellow coating on tongue, oral ulcers, herpes on lips, pins and needs in hands and feel, sore muscles, heavy fatigue, muscle spasms, all developed over next 6-7 weeks. Concerned this is very ARS like. Tested 4th gen antigen/antibody and pooled NAAT at 3, 4, and 6 weeks all negative. Then tested a weird result at 9 weeks and 3 days, a ring in the control dot on a INSTI point of care test, then re took it the next day and it was negative ( blue dot in control ). So i guess negative up to 9 weeks and 3 days. What do you think the chances are i have HIV? I am still very fatigued and weak, not myself and i believe i have lost a lot of weight. Have been very worried about this as im only 20 and dont want HIV :( What do you think my chances of having hiv are? Would a 12 week test be conclusive for me? Can i take a rapid test at 12 weeks and call it conclusive even though my symptoms are very indicating or an illness. Im very lost and confused. only 20 yr old.

Hi there,

I do not think that you have HIV. Even though your symptoms are concerning, a 4th generation test is 95% accurate at 6 weeks, and the pooled NAAT test is over 99% accurate at 6 weeks. If the symptoms that you had at 17 days were from sero-converting to HIV, then your tests would be positive by now. You can get a rapid test at 12 weeks and call it conclusive for HIV.

You are right that your symptoms indicate that something is making you unwell, though. Did you see a nurse or doctor about the penile ulcer, swollen lymph nodes and painful urination? These can certainly be symptoms of other STIs (not HIV), and it would be helpful to know what was causing them. It also sounds like you have been going thorough a lot of stress and worry about this (understandably), and sometimes stress can make symptoms worse. Many people lose weight when they are very worried about something, for example.

It sounds as if you have already found a clinic where you have been getting your HIV tests done. It might be helpful to ask for other STI testing next time you are there, and to ask them or your doctor for an exam to find out what is causing your symptoms. It might also be helpful to talk to a supportive peson or a counsellor about all the stress you have been coping with.

Let us know if that answers your question,

Health Nurse



This answer was posted on June 13, 2014

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