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Hai I am 23 year old gay.I had many sex experiences within my age.If I am right,my first sex was in the age of 17 or 18.But was not aware of any sexual disease so I had never gone for any medical checkup or blood tests.I am very slim in body nature and was having very poor immunity power from my childhood.My family tried many ways to enhance my body mass but there was no good result as my father was also like me slim. But after some years I noticed my hand and leg muscles were shrinking and also felt some itching problems somewhere.But I didn't consult a doctor.In 2017 April or may I think..I had the most unsecured sex in my life without condom I got fucked by a 30 year old men.From the very next day of exposure I got a serious diarrhoea with high fever.After 1 and half week it gone.After some days i felt a progressive night sweat.Also got a bad case of muscle wasting.Always mild fever is there on me always.i am also suffering of joint pains,menral problems,and also confusion.What I should do ?? I have not diagonosed my disease and not have started my treatment..I don't know how long I be here.


Thanks for writing.

Just because you had unprotected sex does not mean you have HIV, or that you are going to die.

Lots of gay men have unprotected sex, but we are seeing less and less HIV all the time.

I would not assume you have HIV from the symptoms you describe. Many things can cause the symptoms you’re experiencing, including the common cold/flu, stomach bugs, stress, etc.

Typically HIV symptoms show-up around 2 weeks after sex. The diarrhea and fever you had the day after sex were most likely related to something else.

Have you had an HIV test? If not, I would recommend testing as a first step. You can test anonymously at an STI clinic, or under your name at any walk-in clinic. Have a look at our Clinic Finder tool for an STI clinic near you.

If it feels better you can also test online at with the CODE: B4816. You can test with a fake name if desired.

Please let us know if you need any additional info.

Health Nurse

This answer was posted on April 23, 2018

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