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have some stupid mistakes in my life and I am paying heavily for this Episode. #1 october 29,2014 I had protected vaginal sex with a female csw.I also french kissed her.Later found the girl HIV +.After 5 weeks I experienced severe flue type illness.Swollen lymph nodes under jaw and neck,loose stool,hedeach,severe muscle and joint pain,rash on both arm. I have tested after 3 months with 3rd generation rapid test,after 5 months with 3rd generation elisa, after 6.5 months with 3rd generation rapid test.All are negative.#Episode 2 November 17 2015 I was with a female csw..We were fully naked.The girl offered me to have unprotected sex with her.As far as I can recall I didn't penetrate the girl but my penis came close to her vagina.Now my mind says if I penetrated the girl without my knowing though I didn't feel anything. Episode 3# July 16 2017 I had protected oral and protected vaginal sex with a female csw.Dont know why? Vaginal part only lasted 10-15 seconds.The girl seemed a consistent condom user.No real symptom aftee 1-4 weeks. Episode 4 # October 17 2017 I had protected vaginal sex with a csw.She offered me to have sex without a condom for extra charge.But she assured me she gets tested every month. Now you are thinking whats the real problemActually Im experiencing the symptom of overt aids.Lose of appetite,Loosing weight,fatigue, dizziness ,swollen lymph nodes,loose stool,stomach upset,nail fungus,clubbing nail and slight dementia are making my life hell. I dont know what to do? I cry and pray to God.Ive ruined my life.In my country HIV stigma is very deep and like a death sentence.

Hi, thanks for writing in with your concerns and the details of the testing you have done. If you have tested negative for HIV at 6 months post risk, then you do not have HIV. Your HIV tests are negative and you have covered the window periods so based on what you wrote, you are HIV negative. If the symptoms you describe have not gone away, then it would be recommended to see a doctor for an assessment and any recommended testing for other conditions that could be causing these symptoms. Let us know if this does not answer your question or if you have any more questions or concerns.

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This answer was posted on February 13, 2019

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