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Hello again i am having some women problems . I went to a mountain with snow and sat there in the snow and remained wet for 5 hours or more until we went back to my room . My vaginal health was allright till then , mine and my lover ones . We moved back and i was expecting my cycle to come , he calls me one day and told me his penis had white stuff on it and it was red . He went for a diagnose and he had candida albicans and treated it same with me , my cycle came and i was all over red irritated my skin was red , my vulva , i went to my gyno terrififed since i never had experienced something like that , she gave me a cream which it made it better but not cured it , it came back vaginal itching and redness , I go to see a dermatologist he gave me some antibiotichs and a cream to cure it, but it did not work !! my vulva had candida albicans and the other doctor i went to gave me ovulas to cure me from inside which ok maybe was the antibiotics thats why it came back , But even now after 2 weeks of cure i am still looking down at my vulva it is red !!!! I got scared if this could have anything to do with hiv . i got 10 hiv tests all negatives up to 9 months last exposure so i assume i am in clear but what else could this be ? I am going crazy just thinking how to deal with it . I have candida albicans on my vulva too which is causing all my redness , what kind of creams medication or home made can i do to get rid of it ? It has been damaged more during all those creams i used , antibiotics i got . 4 doctors didnt find any solution . Do you think i need another hiv test even after 9 months negative one ? My boyfriend candida is cured with one cream only but me ?

Hello and thanks for your question.  The symptoms you describe are not HIV symptoms. If you tested for HIV at 3 months post exposure then your negative  HIV test result covers the window period and is considered accurate.  If you have been diagnosed with candida albicans or yeast, then at the pharmacy you can buy the recommended clotrimazole or Canesten treatment that includes an oral medication and a vaginal cream that is applied nightly.  This combined treatment is very effective.  Health Nurse

This answer was posted on April 1, 2016

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