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Hello and thank you for your help, The other day, I received a lapdance at a strip club. My pants remained on, the whole time. The dancer was naked, she rubbed her body against my penis through my pants, and also put her mouth against my pants, pretending to do fellatio. When I returned home, I noticed several small cuts on the shaft of my penis. I think they were from popped pimples, or just cuts from being rubbed too roughly against my pants. I assume these cuts were present and fresh at the time of the dance. Am I at risk fro any stis from this encounter? I read open cuts can be a source of infection. If a small amount of saliva or body fluids soaked through my pants and into these small open cuts, would that be a serious risk of infection? Thank you in advance for your help.


It is true that when body fluids (semen, vaginal fluids, blood) come in contact with an open cut it is possible to pass STIs. However, these body fluids need to come into direct contact with the open cut in order for the STI to be passed this way.

Because you had your clothes on, there should be no chance of getting an STI from the contact you described.

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This answer was posted on April 9, 2013

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