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Hello and thanks for taking time to read this query... A question regarding brief unprotected oral... What are the potential risks for STD' s , HIV or Hsv if a person licked the head of penis two or three times? No contact with fluids and only contact was the tongue on the head. Am quite anxious about this exposure and would appreciate a response... Thanks again


It’s difficult to know the exact risk as it really depends if the person had a sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the first place. The length of time you are exposed does make a difference in your chance of getting an STI. For example if this only happened once for a brief period of time your chance would be much lower than if you had this type of sex on a regular basis.

Also the way you have sex makes a big difference. For example we do not see HIV being passed to people who receive oral sex. Have a look at our “Know your chances” web page, it provides information on your chances of getting or passing an STI depending on how you are having sex. Have a look at the section on oral sex.

Even though it is common for us to see gonorrhea and chlamydia passed when receiving oral sex I think it would be unlikely for it to happen in this situation given there was no fluid to fluid contact. It could be possible for STI like herpes simplex virus (HSV), human papillomavirus (HPV) and syphilis to pass but the chance would be low given the brief contact.

It is also common that many STI do not show symptoms, given this we recommend that people go for STI testing. I would just talk with the health professional you see for your next STI test about your personal situation, they would be able to recommend tests based on your past sexual history.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on February 19, 2015

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Anonymous says:

thanks for the reply. I wanted to add some information. this was the only sexual episode over a six month period and included only the contact described. there was no intercourse etc and was a one time exposure. also, you mentioned "receiving" oral sex... as i was performing the oral sex, would the comments still apply? ---that is i am unsure what "receiving" means ... I am sorry to bother...

Health Nurse says:

No bother at all that is what we are here for. Sorry I got confused I thought you were receiving oral sex or having someone perform oral sex on you. Given that you were performing the oral sex the only risk would be if there was some HPV or HSV on the head of the penis. Given that it was only two to three licks I think the chance of this happening would be very small.

Anonymous says:

Thank you for the prompt reply and for your patience. So I am at risk of contracting HSV and or HPV by giving the two or three licks to a penis head. Are those the only STI's I was potentially at risk of ? Would HIV (as status was unknown ) also be transmitted in such an exposure?
Thank you for your help. I am grateful.

Health Nurse says:

There would be a chance that HSV and HPV could pass but the chance would be very low given the small amount of contact. I can’t think of another STI that could be passed with the type of sex you described. HIV would not be a concern as you did not come in contact with any pre-cum or semen.

Anonymous says:

Thank you!! Your prompt and honest reply has brought immeasurable relief. I am truly grateful for your time and for this resource.

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