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Hello ,first of all my language isn’t english and sorry if i have mistake in my question 1)I did manicure and around my nail cut by manicure tools and bleeding (about 2 drops),after that my manicurist put a cotton on my cut and pressed it hard.also her finger tuch my cut.i just want to know if that cotton was contaminated with hiv or hep c or her finger had fresh cut (I didn’t see any bleeding cut,but there was a cut on her finger)and her cut touch my cut,is it possible i get hiv or hep c?? 2)my friend popped her pimples and she had a little bleeding and after that(after 1 minute) she came and popped my pimples and i also had bleeding ,if she had hiv-infected blood under her fingernail and she popped (squeezed) my pimples,is it possible i get hiv or hep c?? 3)i have hemoroyide on my anus and it was bleeding,i use anti-hemoroyide suppository ,I’m not sure my hand was clean or not (i had touched toilet door and ....),and i touch that suppository with my hand and insert it into my anus,is it possible my hand was contaminated with hiv or hep c and and made that suppository infected with hiv or hep c and i get hiv or hep c from that suppository I had put into my anus??(i had a cut on my anus that bleeding because of hemoroyide) Thank you so much for your helping


Hepatitis C or HIV would not pass in any of the examples you have given.

The main thing you would need to be careful with is around hepatitis B & C and a sharp item that could puncture the skin for example manicure tools, razors, needles etc…  If these sharp tools were used on someone with hepatitis B & C and were not one use disposal items or properly sterilised after use there is a chance these could pass hepatitis to someone.

Businesses in Canada have strict infection control policies so that we do not see Hepatitis B & C commonly passed this way here, but I don’t know about what country you are in and if the business you went to takes good safety measures with their equipment.

I would recommend talking with the people at the place where you got the manicure and asking them about your concerns. It’s a common question we get at our clinic and we are always happy to show clients how we stop infections passing from one client to another when they come to see us. If they are unhelpful you could always look at going to a clinic to talk about your concern and look at getting a hepatitis B & C blood test. Also ask them about the hepatitis B vaccine as well.

Let us know if this did not answer your question or if you have any further questions or concerns.

Health Nurse

This answer was posted on August 30, 2018

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