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Hello health nurse, I have a question regarding PEP treatment coverage in BC. Please take a look at this post: The writer mentioned that PEP is covered by BC Medical. Is there such a thing? Could he mean Medical Service Plan or MSP? Is there coverage for PEP for all people in BC, assuming non-occupational?



nPEP (PEP) stands for non occupational post exposure prophylaxis, which means that medication is available for some people, in some situations, after sexual contact.

The nPEP project is being piloted by the BC-Centre for Excellence for 18 months. 

It is supported by Pharmacare, which means if you qualify for nPEP your treatment is paid for. I  think that is what they were referring to when they said the BC Medical (or MSP)

Generally, people who inject drugs, sex workers, and men who have sex with men qualify for nPEP.

Look here more detailed information about the nPEP pilot or to read more about PEP at SmartSexResource.


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This answer was posted on November 6, 2012

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