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hello I already mentioned before about transvaginal ultrasound.. after that ultrasound I had a painful sore under the vulva.. also had burning sensation in urine place .. I had joint pains .. ankles swollen.. a pink rash on arm andon wrist lasted for half day.. I didn't concentrate much on this because I can never predict something bad happens with ultrasound.. soo beacause of my problems I visited family doc on 15th day after that.. doc performed me cbc count and esr tests.. then my lymphocytes count was just 16 and esr was 40 mm/1hr.. also had typhoid 1/160 dilusions.. but 1 month back only I had typhoid and I was diagonised with medicines.. soo i don't think it is typhoid.. after ultrasound I had thin sticky discharge and my periods was very sticky and heavy.. I again visited that doctor and the doctor denied that it can never happen in there clinic .. it is a big hospital though .. but I was diagonised with uti infection.. I also had dizziness and mild fever.. I tested many times for HIV all were negative.. soo what are your suggestions about other sti? and I am also worried about other strains of HIV which cannot be detected.. I was tired and very depressed.. what if i was not detected and in future if I have a child if he get infected.. o if i get infected my husband..


It sounds like you are continuing to have many concerns about your health.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to diagnose medical conditions online. Our expertise is sexually transmitted infections (STI) and the symptoms you describe are not usually associated with STIs. 

We recommend that you continue to follow up with a physician about your health concerns. 

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This answer was posted on July 23, 2013

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