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Hello I am a male. Had unprotected vaginal sex with a girl. I got INSTI Rapid Test at 21, 28, 34 days after exposure, all came back negative. I am very worried about my status. What are my chances of having HIV and still receiving negative results. Today is 45 days after exposure and I feel some shoulder muscle pain, is this a sign associated with HIV?

Hi, thanks for your question. shoulder muscle pain is not a sign of HIV infection. The earliest an INSTI HIV test can show HIV antibodies is at 28 days and it is considered to cover the risk completely at 3 months. A negative test at 34 days is reassuring and you might consider retesting for HIV and syphilis  at the 3 month mark to cover their incubation periods. If you have not already tested for chlamydia (and gonorrhea), then testing now at 6 weeks post exposure will accurately cover the incubation period. In the meantime if this is a regular partner for you, then both of you testing can be reassuring for each other and if anything is found ( most common sti is chlamydia) then you can both be treated right away. 

This answer was posted on October 12, 2018

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