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Hello, I have been battling some kind of uti for a month. I had a three month sti test that came back negative. We tested for everything but trichomonas. The sexual encounter was protected oral BJ on me by a woman, I had a shower at her place but used a towel of hers to dry off. My symptoms ore frequent urination, no discharge, no pain and white blood cells in my urine. Should I get tested for trichomonas?

Hi, thanks for your question.

Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are not usually caused by sexually transmitted infections (STIs). They both affect the genitals, but they are caused by different bacteria/viruses and need different treatment.

Trichomonas is a rare STI. Men are not typically screened for it because of this reason. If your other STI test results are negative I would consider that conclusive.

Also the sexual contact you’ve described is not likely to pass an STI or Trichomonas.

It sounds like you’re having symptoms of a UTI. I would recommend going to your doctor or a walk-in clinic and getting testing (urine culture) and treatment for a UTI. Although UTIs are less common in men than women, they can still happen.  It’s important to treat a UTI with antibiotics so that it does not spread to the kidneys.

Please leave a comment below if you need more information or clarification.

Health Nurse

This answer was posted on March 20, 2017

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