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Hello, I have a question about my foreskin tearing (I'm uncircumcised). I noticed it the other day during masturbation. I noticed a little spot of red, and after checking carefully, noticed a slight tear at the base (underneath?) where it seems that there's a middle line (frenulum?) joining up with the foreskin. The initial irritation seems to have gone away for a couple days, but today while examining again, I noticed that I inflicted some damage just from self examining. I'm worried about when my fiancee returns from overseas, will it again tear during intercourse? Any advice/information?

Hi there

The frenulum is the stretchy band of skin that attaches the foreskin to the underside of the shaft of the penis. This area is very sensitive and can deliver a lot of pleasure.

It is possible to tear the frenulum during masturbation and sexual intercourse. If the area tears over and over, scar tissue can form making the frenulum less stretchy. This in turn makes it more likely to tear again. To prevent tearing, you may have to take it slowly with masturbation and intercourse. Use a good lube to lower the chances of tearing. Also, using condoms is a good idea to protect the are until it is healed.

Tears can happen to any man, but some medical conditions make it more likely to happen. It is a good idea to show it to a healthcare professional. Some treatments can help.

If you do get a tear, keep the area clean and dry. Most often, the tear heals on its own without problems. You can use an antibiotic cream, but it is often not needed.
Also, see your healthcare provider right away if you have signs of infection (redness, pain, pus).

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Health Nurse 

This answer was posted on March 11, 2013

Community comments

miakana says:

its important to be more careful in masturbating there's still possible side effects our penis when we do this . So thanks for informing us

JoeMM says:

Try using a penis health creme. These are made to both moisturize and strengthen the penis skin. A good one will also protect you from chafing, dryness, soreness and other common issues caused by masturbation. Hope this info helps.

MarG says:

What cream do you suggest for the tearing of the frenulum? Thanks.

Health Nurse says:

Hi, I would suggest talking with a pharmacist or doctor about this. They would be able to recommend the correct cream to use.

RPS4p says:

For this type of problem which doctor will be good?

Health Nurse says:

you can see any doctor about this problem.

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