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Hello, I received oral sex with a condom that was 5 months past expiry date? Do I need to get tested for STI?


I don’t know your complete sexual history but there would be no need to go for an STI test just because of this sexual encounter. I would just get an STI test the next time you go for your regular STI checkup. If someone did develop symptoms that made them concerned an STI was passed to them, they should go in straight away for testing.

We always recommend that people who are having sex with a new or different people have a STI test on a regular basis as most STI do not show symptoms. Have a look at our when to test page for additional information.

Receiving oral sex with a condom is one of the safest ways to have sex. Also, the condom being 5 months’ past expiry should not be a problem. It is wise to check expiration date before using condoms but if used correctly and it didn’t break a few months is not going to matter.

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This answer was posted on December 23, 2016

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