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Hello, i would like to ask question regarding chlamydia. First of all, i'm a man. So about a year ago (july 2015), i got infected by my sexual partner at that time because i had unprotected vaginal sex. The symptoms were: burning sensation once inawhile and also some white fluid discharge from the tip of the penis.the next morning after i got my first white fluid discharge, i went straight to doctor to get treatment. my doctor at that time prescribed me 2 pills. i forgot the name of the drug but basically each was 500mg, and i consumed the pills at the same time after breakfast. Long story short, the white fluid discharge and the burning sensation never happened again. However, i am a paranoid guy, and I wanted to make sure i did not have the disease anymore. I came back to the same doctor and asked her question about chlamydia testing and she said there's no chlamydia lab tests. She said if the white fluid never came out again from my penis, that means i'm already cured. She said it's not possible if the medicine only "cured" the symptom but not kill the bacteria. She told me if the bacteria is resistant to the medicine, the symptoms should have never stopped at all. I just believed her at that time and moved on. Later on i got HIV and syphilis blood test after 3 months and they came back negative. I fully moved on after the test. But suddenly, my paranoia hit me again yesterday. I tried to do a bit of research about chlamydia, and apparently according to CDC.gov, it's actually possible to get chlamydia testing. CDC.gov also mentioned there are a lot of people who actually have chlamydia but never had symptom, which worried me even more. So I went to visit another doctor today and asked him the same questions I asked my previous doctor last year. This doctor told me the same answer. He said there's no chlamydia lab test for men, only for women, and that test for women is also an expensive test, because it's not a blood test. I asked him if it's possible to check my chlamydia (or gonorrhea) with urine test, and he said it's not accurate. basically, this doctor I visited today gave me the same answer with the doctor I visited last year. both of them believe the only way for them to diagnose chlamydia and gonorrhea is through symptoms. if the symptoms disappear, that means i'm cured. as simple as that. i have doubts about their answer because internet resource proved there are people with chlamydia but no symptom. My question is, how do I know I'm 100% cured?


I can understand why you are concerned as the information the doctor’s have given you is not what we would recommend. I am not sure what area or country you are in but I can give you some information around what we would recommend in BC Canada.

Like you have found on the CDC web site we also find that chlamydia is really common and most people do not get symptoms. We do urine tests for men, we find as long as the men have not urinated for at least 1 hour the test is accurate. If we just treated people based on their symptoms we would miss a lot of people as many people do not get symptoms.

I am also wondering why you think it was chlamydia that was causing those symptoms you had? It could have been chlamydia, but it could have also been gonorrhea, you would not know without getting a test done. We find here that it is common for people who get gonorrhea to get chlamydia as well, given this if someone came to one of our clinics with the symptoms you described we would treat for gonorrhea and chlamydia. You could always ask the doctor if you were treated for both.

The only way to find out if you don’t have chlamydia is by getting a test done. If you were in Canada it would be a simple thing of just getting a urine gonorrhea and chlamydia NAAT test. I am not sure what country you are in but it is possible that the testing technology were you are is not good and the doctors just treat for gonorrhea and chlamydia as a more reliable way of knowing it has been dealt with, but I can see how this method does not work very well for STI like chlamydia that usually show no symptoms.

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This answer was posted on July 14, 2016

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