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Hello. Thanks for reading this question hAfter engaging in frottage (man rubbing his penis on my vaginal area covered by underwear) he pulled the underwear to the side and ejaculated on my clitoral area. Since I was on my back I assume the semen ran down and came in contact with the vaginal opening... There was no penetrative sex involved. What sort of Hiv risk would there be in such an event ?


I have not heard of HIV passing this way. If the man did have HIV I believe the risk would be very low for this to happen.

Chlamydia could possibly pass to you, but from the type of sex you described this would not be the best way for it to happen. Chlamydia is common, usually does not show any symptoms and is around the fluid at the tip of the penis. I have seen chlamydia pass if someone has penis to vaginal rubbing when the fluid from the tip of penis comes in contact with entrance to the vagina.

Also have a look at our “Know your chances” web page, it provides information on your chances of getting or passing an STI depending on how you are having sex.

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This answer was posted on January 6, 2016

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