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Hi Doctor Around 1 And Half Year Ago I Unprotected Oral Sex With A Sex Worker, I Gave Her Oral.! But Intercourse Was Protected. Then After 6 Months Of That Exposure I Got Tested For All Stds Including Hiv And They All Came Back Negative. Then Again After 2 Months I Tested For Hiv To Be Sure And Again It Came Negative. Then I Moved On With Life And Got Into A Serious Relationship. After 4 Weeks Of Me And My Girlfriend Having Protected Sex And Unprotected Oral Sex, She Got Flu Like Symptoms And Also Severe Vaginal Itching Which Later Doctor Figured Out To Be Yeast Infection(Which Is Common In Girls Specially When Temperature Is Too Hot And Itch Down There And Get A Cut) When She Had Flu Like Symptoms, She Got Rashes, Joint Aches, Upset Stomach But Also Her Mother And Her Sister Got Same Symptoms But In Much Severe Manner( Thats What Got Me Thinking That If It Was A Viral Infection Then Why Did Not All 3 Had Same Symptoms) Doctor Clinically Diagnosed It As Chikengunia For All 3 Of Them. And I Have 2 Lumps In Front Of My Ear From Past 2 Months Which Never Gone Down. Which I Think Are Swollen Lymph Nodes In My Parotid Gland. My Mouth Is Always Dry. And My Inner Cheeks And Tomgue Has Horizontal White Line, Due To My Teethe Rubbing And Touching Them All The Time As My Tongue Is Also Wide.! I Told My Girlfriend To Get Checked For Hiv But She Is Afraid To Do That.! Tell Me Should I Be Worried For Hiv Even After 6 Months And 8 Months Negative Combo Tests. What Can Be The Reason For The Lumps In Front Of My Ear And Dry Mouth? What About The Symptoms Which My Girlfriend Faced? I Am So Worried About Passing Std To Her. Please Reply.


I would not be concerned about HIV with what you have described. Performing oral sex on someone can pass HIV but the chance of this happening is low. The main reason I wouldn’t be concerned about HIV is because your HIV tests have been negative after the window period has finished.

The symptoms you and your girlfriend are experiencing can be caused by many different conditions. I would recommend that you connect with a doctor to speak to them about your concerns. Its not possible to diagnose conditions online as the person would need to ask you some questions, do a physical exam and do some tests.

I don’t know what other STI tests you got when you did the HIV testing, but I would just recommend getting tested for STI if this was not done when you tested for HIV. Also with you girlfriend I am not sure if she has had other partners in the past. If she has had past partners as well, it would be good for her to do STI testing too.

I am not sure what is causing your symptoms but it sounds like you are really concerned about passing something to your girlfriend. I can see how this could cause a lot of stress, but if both your STI tests are negative you are good.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on December 29, 2016

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