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Hi, I am gay and gave unprotected oral sex to another male twice in June: one was on June 4th and the other is on June 19th. My question is whether I had high risk exposures to hiv. What I could make sure are that I didn’t have ulcer, gum bleeding or sore throat. But I didn’t know whether I had other cuts in my mouth which I never realized. The first oral sex was pretty short and he didn’t jerk in my mouth. The second one is longer but did not jerk in my mouth either. However I know pre cum can also carry virus, and that’s why I feel panic. I don’t know his status, but looks like a healthy person... and usually be top (he said he never have sex with others without condom) and seldom give oral sex to others... I did not notice any symptoms until June 20, the day I started to be anxious about hiv issue. I got low fever (never higher than37.3 armpit); and tiredness. I got a hiv test on June 25 and the result was negative. Low fever healed itself in no more than two weeks. I got folliculitis in July, but I know it is common to me. A relatively severe one in recent years but not the most horrible one in my life. It’s getting better now. By the way I’m 23. However I learned that folliculitis could also be a symptom. Today is July 25 and I noticed I got low fever again. Probably caused by I didn’t close the window during sleeping at night or staying in a cold library for couple of hours... I don’t know. But it did make me feel anxious again. Another symptom is swollen lymph nodes... I guess they are lymph nodes. I got two on my neck. One disappeared in one week and the other is getting smaller. I sometimes get one or two on my neck, so it is not a rare thing to me. Do u recommend me to do another test as soon as possible (July 30) or wait for another week to complete the six weeks period after my second oral sex. Sorry for writing this long. Thank you for your patience and help.


Thanks for writing.

Unprotected oral sex is low-risk for HIV. If the oral sex you describe is your only risk factor for HIV we would not recommend re-testing at this time.

While it’s possible in theory for HIV to be transmitted through oral sex, it is very rare. Even if you had ulcers in your mouth, the risk is still low for HIV. The fact that there was no full ejaculate (only exposure to pre-cum) further reduces the chance of HIV being transmitted.

Regarding your symptoms, it’s very difficult to diagnose HIV based on symptoms. The symptoms caused by HIV are also very common to other health concerns, and are not specific enough to suggest HIV infection. Folliculitis is a common skin condition experienced by all people (HIV negative and HIV positive).\

Lots of people feel anxious about HIV. It’s very normal for people have complicated emotions after having new sexual partners, or experiences. Some people will think their HIV test has to be positive even when they’ve had multiple negative tests. For more ideas about managing these kinds of emotions check out our Worry & Anxiety page.

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This answer was posted on August 9, 2018

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