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Hi! I am a male and had sex with a sex worker on June 26, 2017. After getting symptoms like rashes, throat sore, weekness, nausea and i went to hiv test. The results came negative but the symptoms like watery stool and itching in body continue. The results were as follows: After 90 day: 0.04 After 137 days: 0.07 After 174 days: 0.11 After 360 days: 0.35 I am still facing some of those symptoms. I am worried and I am not feeling well. Meanwhlile I was diagnosed with fatty liver. Is possible that my results are gradually increasing and leading to hiv positive value. Is it possible that someone become hiv positive after one year.

Thanks for writing in with your concerns and am sorry you are not feeling well. Its a good thing that you have connected in with a doctor for ongoing medical assessment of your symptoms. If you have had negative HIV test at 3 months, then you did not contract HIV. Testing again at 6 months and 12 months post contact will confirm that you did not contract HIV. Test results for liver function are not correlated with HIV diagnosis. 

This answer was posted on July 12, 2018

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