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Hi, I had unprotected sexual intercouse and within 48 hours started PEP. However, I stopped PEP after 4 & 1/2 days. I tested HIV negative 41 days after I stopped taking PEP and am due to take another test at 100 days after stopping PEP. If my test results still come back negative, should I still take a test at 6 months after stopping PEP in case of late seroconversion because of PEP use? Thank you.

Hi, thanks for your question. The recommendation to test at the 6 month post risk is based on taking PEP for 28 days. I consulted with our resident physician and the 4 1/2 days pf PEP will not have had any effect on suppressing the virus. So your testing is based on the time the risk took place. The test at 90 days or three months would show any HIV antibodies and that result would accurately reflect the risk. There is no need to do a 6 month test. Health Nurse

This answer was posted on December 14, 2017

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