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Hi, I have the below question which I realized today. I normally stand and urinate in the toilet (as I do not like to sit on the toilet) and it always splashed on my shorts, legs and foot. I just used to wipe the leg with the tissue paper. With this habit, I use my bed, pillow and blanket after Urination where my leg touches my bed, pillow, blanket and I touch the same bed, pillow, blanket with my hands and used the same hands to touch my laptop, phone, utensils, tooth brush etc. Question is by this situation or keeping the same hands in mouth/nose/eyes without realization do I get any STDs or any other infection and do I need any testing? Please help to clarify. Thanks!

You will not get any STIs from splashes of urine; this is not how they are transmitted. STIs are passed through sexual contact with someone who has an STI. You will not get an STI from using a toilet.

Washing your hands after using the toilet is a good idea especially if you are using public washrooms as infections like the common cold or flu can be passed through touching surfaces contaminated with these viruses, but STIs are not spread this way.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on June 11, 2014

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