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Hi I have had sex with a variety of SP's over the last year,always protected. For about 6 months I have had a kind of rash on my penis. It doesn't itch and it doesn't hurt, but it is a blotchy red colour. My doctor checked it out and didn't seem to think it was of concern. He prescribed me a cream called Ketoderm, but that didn't really work so I still have it. It is a bit unsightly but doesn't affect the workings of the penis.


It is difficult for us to advise you because we can't make a diagnosis online, or suggest treatment for something that we haven't seen. If we din't have the right diagnosis, we would not be giving you the best health information.

I can say that based on the treatment the doctor gave you (Ketoderm) he likely suspected that the rash was fungal, also known as yeast. It can take a while to go away.

On the other hand, maybe there is something else going on and another treatment would be better for you.

If you have used the treatment correctly and  the problem is still there, then it is a good idea to  go back and ask him to look at it again.

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Health Nurse


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This answer was posted on November 7, 2012

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