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Hi, I have a question about masturbation. I've recently tried to start fingering myself for the first time in my life and my finger doesn't go in all the way or its really tough to. I am still a virgin so I don't know if this is because my hymen is still in tact or if there is something wrong with my girl parts down there.. I live in Vancouver so I wanted to come into a clinic to maybe get a physical exam by one of the nurses just to check and see if everything is normal. But I am extremely nervous about what this exam entails and whether I could handle it because I haven't experienced penetration before.. I understand it may be uncomfortable but I am nervous about any potential pain. When I do try to finger myself now there is no pain - I push in about an inch or so and then can't go any farther because it feels like a spongy block is in the way. I really want to start learning about my own body and taking charge of my own pleasure so I feel that this is a really important thing for me to do. Thanks for any feedback.


I would recommend making an appointment at our provincial STI clinic just click here for information on the clinic and how to make an appointment.

The nurses that work at this clinic are experienced in sexual health matters and you can discuss topics about sexual health, masturbation, genitals etc.…

You could also discuss the exam with the nurse you see, just let them know what you are concerned about. In your situation, they will usually just do an examination of the external genital with no need to put anything in the Vagina. Just do what is comfortable for you, there is also no need for an exam if you just prefer to talk on your first visit.

With what you have described I am thinking that the spongy block you are hitting is your cervix. Everyone’s genitals are different with people having different size clitoris, labia and depth of the vaginal canal.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on March 29, 2017

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