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Hi. I recently was told by a partner of mine that she contracted chlamydia. Right away I wanted to get checked out so I booked an appointment with a walk in clinic. I told the doctor about my situation and he gave me a prescription for treatment medication. I went to the pharmacy to receive the medicine and was asked to pay cash for it. Isn't treatment for STI's covered ? Though it was not entirely expensive I just feel like I shouldn't have paid for it. My friend who is a nurse told me that I wasn't suppose to. Just sort of confused if this was the right way to go for getting help.


You should not have to pay for Chlamydia treatment in BC. Most STI medications are provided free of charge from the BC Centre for Disease Control. Doctors and clinics can get free medication, but they need to order it. 

Many walk in clinics and doctors' offices will have the medications on hand, as will Public Health clinics or Youth Clinics (there are age restrictions at youth clinics). You might want to check out our Clinic Finder for future reference. You can find all the clinics in BC that should have these medications on hand, free of charge.

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This answer was posted on November 20, 2013

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