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Hi, I went to a restaurant where the fork was wrapped in a napkin and that napkin had blood for sure which I didn't notice initially. I used the same fork wrapped with blood napkin and had food, I also cleaned my hand and mouth with same napkin and also touched my credit card with same hand to pay my bill and have not cleaned the credit card later and using it without cleaning. After doing all these I noticed there was a blood in the napkin and I was not bleeding and it was not my blood. Do I get any STDs/HIV/Hep with this situation if that blood was infected blood with any STDs and if it is fresh blood as mucous membrane (mouth) acts as passage for the viruses and I also had open cracks in my hands? Do I need to do any STD testing? And also I am still using the same credit card with out cleaning and touching the same every day and sometime eats food with the same hand after touching it for paying. Is that okay or do I get affected by any STDs by this approach ? Thank you!

Hi there,

We don't know of anyone getting HIV or STIs from a situation like this one. HIV and STIs are passed through unprotected sex or direct blood-to-blood contact. You are always welcome to get STI or HIV tests if it will reassure you, but I do not think they are needed in this situation. 

It sounds like you are quite worried about getting an STI and have been thinking a lot about this. Some people find that they can't stop worrying about an infection, even if they are not really at very much risk. If this happens to you, it might help to use strategies like deep breathing, or to talk to a counsellor or someone you trust about these thoughts.


Hope this helps,


Health Nurse

This answer was posted on July 25, 2014

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