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hi, i would like to thank you for this great services in your own website.sorry if my english is bad.in 6-1-2014 i had an UNPROTECTED ORAL SEX WITH A SEX WORKER ( i don't know her hiv status) she give me a blow job for 1min or 1.5min. i didn't EJACULATE in her mouth.i ejaculate after i think 20 seconds after my penis was OUT of her mouth.after that i wiped my penis from her saliva and the semen (i DIDN't notice BLOOD in Napkin) after that 2 min later i Urinated and 1 min after that i washed my penis with cold water and soap.NO SYPTOMS for syphilis or gonorha or chlamidya or herpes .18 days after that i feel some little worm under my ears who last only one day.6weeks later i start felling with ears sores (not a bad sore but i can feel them warm and little pain) NO fever..NO sorethroat.. 54 days later i had a very simple uvela sore and very simple sorethroat NO fever ..( the sorethroat last only 3 days and he's gone after) simple Red beans on the back and shoulders) my questions please: 1-can the HIV transmited like this way (1min of sucking or 1.5 min not a prolonged performance) ?? 2-if it's there a tiny amount of blood can that lead to the infection..i mean could blood enter to the opening of my penis and cause the infection ? 3-are my earssore one of the ARS symptoms? 4-simple sorethroat and simple uvelasore after 54 days are ARS symtomps and the simple rash too ?? 5-do you think that there is a MEDICAL reason to get tested for HIV? 6-i'm NOT AN ACTIVE sexual man i didn't never had sex with a women before (in My entire life) 7-could i get infected by this first and short oral sex with HIV?? SORRY FOR MY LOT OF QUESTIONS AND FOR MY BAD ENGLISH I HOPE HEARING FROM YOU SOON !!


HIV is not passed through receiving oral sex and the amount of time doesn't make a difference. This is because the virus is not found in saliva. Although it may be theoretically possible to pass HIV when there is blood in the saliva, we do not see HIV being passed this way. From what you wrote, it doesn't sound like there was any evidence that there was blood present.

A sore ear is not commonly a symptom of HIV infection. Also, most often symptoms related to early HIV infection, or seroconversion, happen within a few weeks after contact. Your symptoms showed up 54 days after contact, so it is unlikely that they are related to HIV infection.

I don't think there is a strong medical reason for you to get tested, but there may be worthwhile to get tested so you can get an answer to your concerns about HIV.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on March 10, 2014

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