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Hi I'm 14 and I think I migt have chlamydia... I think it'salmost been two years now..I want to go and get it treated but I'm afraid that my mom might think I had sex with someone, but I'm virgin. How should I tell my mom that I have chlamydia? (*I am not comfortable talking to her about these kind of subjects..) Thank you!


I would suggest that you go see a health professional first to see if you do have chlamydia. It’s easy to test for as you don’t even need a physical exam, you would just need to provide a urine sample.

Also there is no need to tell your mother if you don’t want to. You would be able to discuss your concerns with a health professional and get a chlamydia test without telling her. The health professional would keep your information confidential. Also if it is a subject you find difficult to talk about with your mother but you want to, the health professional you see could help you with ways to do this.

I am also wondering why you think you have chlamydia if you have not had sex. Talking with a health professional about why you believe you have chlamydia would be helpful if you are having any symptoms that are bothering you.

Also have a look at our “Know your chances” web page, it provides information on your chances of getting or passing an STI depending on how you are having sex. It will show you the most common ways chlamydia is passed. With what you have written it sounds like you have not had penetrative sex. In some situations it is still possible to pass chlamydia if sexual fluids come in contact with the vagina, male urethra (pee tube) or the rectum.

I would recommend going to a youth clinic if you have one in your area. Just have a look at our clinic finder, select the city you are in and it will give you a list of all the clinics that offer STI testing as well as the youth clinics in your area.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on July 7, 2016

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