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Hi me and my gf tested positive for Chlamydia and we were both given Azithromycin. It's been 7 days but I'm still experiencing a little bit of clear discharge from my penis. Is it okay for us to have sex or should I wait until the discharge is gone?

Hi, and thanks for your question.
As long as you both took the Azithromycin and waited for 7 days, you should be fine to resume having sex. It can take a bit of time for discharge to clear completely, but the infection itself will be gone. If the discharge doesn’t clear completely in the next couple of weeks, you might want to see your testing provider for further assessment and follow up

Let us know if this does not answer your question or if you have any more questions or concerns.
Health Nurse

This answer was posted on February 28, 2019

Community comments

roli_0121 says:

Three months ago my wife and I both tested positive for chlamydia. We both were treated with azithromycin. I tested negative on retest a month ago. My wife test positive on retest this week. We have only been with each other after treatment. Doctor mentioned that in some cases a person can test positive for chlamydia even if they aren't infected because the chlamydia "proteins" are still present. I don't know what she meant by that or if that's even true. She suggested that we both get treated with Flagyl. I don't know if her advise is trustworthy. What do you think?

Health Nurse says:

Hi, thanks for your question. There are a couple things unknown in this. The treatment is based on the combination of the one dose of azithromycin with 7 days abstaining from sex even condomed sex with a partner. If this wasnt done, then retreatment for both of you would be recommended. All partners within 2 months of the positive test need to be treated regardless of their results or what kind of sex was had with them. There is another treatment for chlamydia that is doxycycline 100mg capsules twice a day for 7 days. both treatments are effective when combined with the 7 days of abstinence to allow enough time for the body and antibiotics to clear the infection. We advise not to retest until at least one month has passed since treatment otherwise the sensitive tests will pick up the dead chlamydia cells and result will be a false positive. Flagyl is not the treatment for chlamydia. Flagyl is used to treat bacterial vaginosis- not an STI.

roli_0121 says:

To follow-up on my previous comment. I got retested this week and I tested positive. My wife and I were both given azithromycin once again.

My worry is why didn't the azithromycin work for my wife the first time she took it but it worked for me? We did abstain from sex with condom for 7 days. Maybe on the 8th or 9th day we had sex with condom. We waited three weeks to have sex without condom. I don't understand how her treatment didn't work the first time. Also, she had a pretty difficult period two months after the initial infection, mentioned some type of thick discharge. But I'm not sure if that's just typical especially since she has an irregular period (usually goes 2 months in between periods).

Health Nurse says:

Hi, thanks for writing back in again with further details. I don't think I can address your concerns in this way. It would be may be of more use to you and your wife, that is for the two of you to visit the doctor together and discuss what has happened so far in person. 

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