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Hi Nurse From past 1 and half year i have been going through anxiety related to Stds and i overthink over it even though i have got checked for all them. 7 months after possible exposure by giving and receiving oral sex at a massage parlour i got tested for Hiv, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, HepC And Other Types of hepatitis. All of the test came back negative and they told me that i am clear and i should not worry. Then again after month i tested for Hiv and it was again non reactive. Then later on i had unprotected oral sex and protected intercource with my girlfriend who i know was a virgin and i am her first sexual partner. Amost 2 months after that unprotected oral sex with my girlfriend, she got rashes and joint pain and flu like symptoms but no sore throat. And she had sever itching around her genitals with a discharge, which doctor thought was yeast infection( she did not tell doctor that she has had sex before because her mom is a friend of the doctor ). And from then she gets itching once in a while during her periods. She also recently had food poioning sort of symptoms such as vomitings and diarrhea And not to mention that around 6 years ago when i hit ouberty, my penile shaft used to hurt a lot after ejaculation and i also had yellowish discharge once or twice 6 years ago and never after that.! Can you please address whether my Chlamydia and Gonorrhea tests were false negative and i passed those infections to my girl? And what about my hiv non reactive test. Can they also be false negative. My urine test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea were done as per instructions as no urine before 2 hours of the test. My Stds Test Timeline Goes As Follows. 7 Months After Possible Exposure Hiv, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis - All Negative 8 Months After Possible Exposure Hiv- Negative 14 Months After Possible Exposure Hiv- "The Result Came Back As Test Could Not Be Done, Insufficient Specimen" The last Hiv test really puts me to worry that why the test was not able to be done and my doctor even did not ask me to test again. Can you please address all my queries afyer going through all of this. Sorry for writing so long.


Sorry to hear about the anxiety and stress you’ve been experiencing. However, it sounds like you’ve had adequate testing, and you should feel confident in the negative test results that you’ve received.

Sometimes when blood is drawn for an HIV test there is not enough blood collected in the tube and the lab cannot complete the test. That does not mean there was anything concerning about the blood, just that there was not enough blood to run the test. If you want you can re-test with your doctor, but if you’ve had a test done 7 months after sexual risks that test will be accurate.

As far as your girlfriend’s symptoms (the yeast infection) that is a very common thing to happen, and likely doesn’t have anything to do with you. Itching and discharge are very common with yeast infections, and a doctor would be able to distinguish between a yeast infection and an STI (even if your girlfriend didn’t talk about sex with the doctor).

Overall, you should feel good about the tests you’ve had and the results that came back (all negative). It sounds like your girlfriend’s symptoms don’t have anything to do with you (just normal health stuff that happens sometimes).

It is also common for people to worry about STI even though all their STI tests are negative and they were tested outside the window period. I would recommend having a look at our worry page for some helpful information on what to do in these situations.


I hope that answers your questions, please feel free to leave a comment or ask another question.

All the best,
Health Nurse

This answer was posted on January 23, 2017

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