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Hi Sir, I had received oral sex from a transgender. She had used condom. But I am not sure, whether that condom is teared, That transgender is HIV affected, and She had enough bleeding on her mouth. From the next 2 days onwards, I have body pain and tiredness, even my joints are paining little bit. So I am afraid of this. Could you please advise me if there is any chance of HIV infected and any tests that need to be taken. Thanks a lot if I receive a reply from you.


Thanks for your question.

We do not see HIV passed to people receiving oral sex.

Condoms protect against HIV, and it is usually very noticeable when condoms break or tear.

Even if the condom was torn, the chance of getting HIV from that experience is still very, very low. Any blood in the mouth would be diluted by the mouth saliva.

Also, if you were exposed to HIV the symptoms would not show up for 2 weeks. Symptoms starting 2 days after receiving oral sex are not related to HIV, but could be related to Syphilis.

If you are concerned about HIV, we would recommend getting an HIV test, as that is the only way to know your status.

If your symptoms persist, we would recommend going to see a healthcare professional in person.

For more information about the HIV risks of oral sex, check out our Know Your Chances - Oral Sex chart.

Hope this helps,

Health Nurse

This answer was posted on June 20, 2018

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