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Hi Smartsexresource, You guys are doing a great job. I have following exposures after my last HIV and STDs negative test and want to know about my chances: 1. Deep kissing, boob sucking and fingering a woman (I noticed some dried blood on my fingers in the morning) 2. Got a blow job from a woman and came in her mouth All above encounters have been with different women of unknown status. Do I need an HIV test? Regards, AK


You might like to check out our "Know Your Chances" charts for more info on ways of having sex and the chances of passing an STI.

Here is some info about your questions:

  • HIV is not passed through kissing, fingering, boob sucking or getting a blow job.
  • HPV, Herpes or Syphilis can be passed with fingering, although they are not commonly passed this way.
  • Gonorrhea, HPV and Syphilis can be passed with deep kissing, but they are not commonly passed this way
  • It is easy to pass herpes with kissing.

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Health Nurse

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This answer was posted on November 4, 2013

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Community comments

khkhkhkh says:

Thanks a lot for your thoughts.
So, in your opinion, I do not need an HIV test ?

Health Nurse says:

There wouldn’t be a need for a HIV test in regard to the above risk factors, but it is common that many clinics offer HIV testing as part of every STI check up.

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